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This project comes from the will to create relationships among schools, a net that involves Institutions, Corporation and Cultural Associations. Our project refers, especially, to the secondary schools.
In this moment Bova Marina "Dalmazio D'Andrea" secondary school and Locri "Sorace-Maresca" secondary school are the two schools involved.
Both towns are two important centres in Calabre.
Locri for its historical importance during the "Magna Graecia" period; Bova Marina because it is considered the door of the modern Hellenic Area in Calabria.
Other International Schools are invited to participate.

The aim is:
1)To share our experiences with other international schools and realities discussing together about:
Historical origins, common roots of European population, diversity considered as a resource, cultural and environmental properties traditions,
peace, legality, European citizenship, International cooperation, processes of democracy, processes of growth human rights, global world;
2) making exchanges
3) Realizing an international education community
4) Activating a project among generations, cultures, institutions with a high disciplinary value using the human resources in the school.
a) Activating forms of collaborations and friendship: principles of peace in a
World more and more involved in fights.
b) Approaching the Euro-Mediterranean young people
c) Encouraging the students, unaware European citizens,
d) Feelings of international membership. Comparing each others.
e) Developing our personality and improve the relations with other people.
f) Living the cultural, economic, scientific and technological interdependence that is characteristic of the people of our time.

Students about 13, 14, 15, 16 years old
Voluntary and motivated adhesion to the project.

The project involves all the subjects.
Teachers have to elaborate modules to face the various stages of the accomplishment.
Students will discuss the topics by themselves and in little groups to get used the cooperative learning, during the school and extra-schools activities.
Educational instruments suggested are: Art activities; especially music, sport. They are, in fact subjects that allow a good aggregation and communication in young people and able to remove the drop out. Teachers will be coordinators of the project.
It is also suggested the presence of a person who has already done this experience and who acts as a supporter. He will have the part of tutor and mentor.

1. Sharing the whole project
2. Activities suggested for the first year:
a) Historical origins of its own area and European population origins
b) Cultural and environmental properties of its own area
c) Taking knowledge about European Institutions
d) Exchanging visits
e) Socialization about products of the activity
f) Public entertainments (tour of exhibitions, shows, sports
g) Possible visits to the European institutions (Strasbourg/Bruxelles)
3. Getting through Bova Marina secondary school Forum
4. Research about the most useful European programme to have right economical aid
5. Annual meeting among schools representatives to decide planes, enterprises etc.

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